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mappa con pugno di scimmia

Il pugno di scimmia è sempre stato il mio nodo preferito. Uno dei più difficili da realizzare, ci misi un'estate intera degli anni '90 per riuscire a realizzarlo uno decente. Con una palla di carta al centro, o meglio ancora una palletta di piombo. Già perchè il pugno di scimmia, una sfera quasi perfetta di colli che si stringono assomigliando a forti dita sottili, oltre che belo era anche un nodo utile: serviva come peso da lancio, in banchina, per le cime di ormeggio.

Finalmente un nuovo aggiornamento alla mappa poster "vuoi fare vela?". Tante migliorie grafiche e tante aggiunte.

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E' pronta la versione di agosto 2018 del poster "tutta la vela in un'unica mappa".

Il giorno in cui perfezionavo le illustrazioni della sezione meteo visuale, e in particolare la massa nuvolosa del cumulonembo, è successo che la sera stessa ne ho incontrato uno reale in mare che sembrava esattamente uscito dalla mia mappa infografica.

Ed ho sperimentato il meteo da essa promesso: poco dopo si scatenava una tempesta di lampi e acqua esattamente come previsto e scritto nella mappa. La colonna minacciosa a forma di fungo del cumulonembo non lascia speranze: nei dintorni sono probabili fulmini e fenomeni estremi.

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A new version for "Learn blender with a poster", 1.73 for Blender 2.79. As today, the Blender infographic poster has been downloaded more than 110.000 times, and I'm so glad. Developers, teachers and designers are really loving this giant shortcut map and I'm encouraged to update. Thanks for all the suggestions and hints about it.

As it is evolving now with so dense and complex diagrams (I'm also getting many complaints about it) it's not only a list of shortcuts. It's basically my reference mind map of functions in blender. I'm including every note or tip I risk to forget in time and I use it to plan my workflow on every modeling project.

Blender 2.8 is arriving soon and I will evolve the map following the new UI and new functions coming.

What's new in the blender poster?

1. Did you ever needed to extend a slooping roof over the wall perimeter? Custom orientation is a killer tip in Blender mesh modeling. I was looking for it for a long time and probably did not discover it as soon as I could. With that you can extend and align anything relatively to vertexes, edges or faces. It's so useful when basics orientation are not efficent anymore; for example when your item is unaligned to main axes. Basically, custom orientation is aligned with the normals of selected items.

2. Another tip I added is group instances. That's another awesome feature when you need to duplicate instances and modify all of them at once. Even in this case, for a long time I was looking for a way to manage complex multi-objects without merging its meshes. And this is probably the best way to do it.

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roman galea drawing
Roman Galea with rostrum and Opthalmoi

All about sailing in a poster updated! A new piece of sailing history is in the illustrated timeline: roman galea with its typical rostrum and bow eye. I added a block and connected with the figure eight knot, making the bottom right frame even more appealing. Some improvements in lettering and on some details on various graphics elements.

Take a look at the new 1.38 version!

The version 1.6 of Learn Blender with a Poster introduce some of the new functions from Blender 2.78. New mustload add-ons: Carves, Archimesh, Measure It. Edit mode select region (ctrl+shift+RC). Driver inputs (ctrl+d), very useful to sync transformations on different axis. More connections between nodes, I'm really trying to tie functions and techniques. Minor fixes and graphic improvements.

I still didn't try - and I can't wait - the new freehand curve function, a feature I was waiting for years. My first attempt to migrate from other 3d softwares to Blender was initally discouraged by this lack: I did not find the shape vector drawing I was expecting; now the gap is to be covered. I'm sure it will be a huge evolution.

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All about sailing in a poster infographic updated to version 1.37!

Adding terms is getting more and more difficult everytime. Because I'm trying to connect and integrate with the existing elements, more than expanding.

Induced wind by yacht speed and the resultant apparent wind, with vectors has been added to the Sailing Rose, in the core of the infographic map. Minor fixes added; some tweaks made to the lettering typography.

Take a look at the new 1.37 version!

Blender infographic
Print detail of the Blender Poster

03/09/2016 Update: Minor fixes; ALT+S shrink-fatten function added in edit mode section; Modeling icons added for extrude, click extrude, knife, spin.

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Update 28/08/2016, ver. 1.36

Added some nautical terms and minor fixes on the english version. I removed the previous generic oar boat and drew dinghy boat with a mast. Islands directions are bigger and added to the legenda as "local informations". And most important, the illustrations now covers over the margins. On the left the new Dinghy illustration included in the poster.

Main article post about this work

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Blender infographic
Print detail of the Blender Poster

Blender infographic poster as previously announced, is evolving: not only shortcuts but an entire mind map with the blender knowledge.

Many of you are already scared by complexity, others are suggesting to add a lot more shortcuts: but my goal is not to simply list EVERYTHING. I just want to map as much as I can choosing the most useful functions and killer tips.

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Learn with a Poster” is online. An idea by giudansky.com.

Making the "Blender 3d infographic poster" or "All the Sailing in a poster", the goal was to design everything you need of a specific subject, in a single map. Better saying "everything you love". We wanted to create mindmap artboards, the perfect notes on a single sheet. An infographic poster both useful and beautiful.

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Blender 3d infographic detail

More tips, more icons, layout optimization, better elements size hierarchy. I'm encouraged to update this infographic because it went viral. I had hundreds of feedbacks and thanks from all around the world, witnessing the ever growing Blender community. Teachers, students, architects, engineers, artists, even some from people who just liked the infographic layout itself without knowing its use. I received photos from blender classrooms and from workshops: my blender poster was on the desk or hanged to the wall.

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