Ten illustration concepts, ten doors made for Hype Challenge. A new social network startup where the user is invited to participate in real life competitions and to create creative and entertaining content.

The challenge system is structured with different levels of rewards and rankings, represented by users passing through doors. Each of the doors is designed with different styles, in a linear gameplay progress.

From nature, to imagination, to mechanics, to mythology and science fiction. The first "destination door" inspired the logo mark, as a symbol of challenge. Afterwards, the forest door, the beach door, the castle gate, the showroom door, the fantasy elves house door, the steampunk electric door, the futuristic gallery door, the science fiction door and the fabulus mythological treasure tenth door.

Hype Challenge will grow with more and more levels, doors and objects.

For updates follow their facebook page, where you can subscribe to the closed beta group.

☑️You are a competitive, creative and a bit crazy person
☑️you loves challenges of all kind and try new experiences
☑️You are interested in increasing your fanbase and your visibility online
☑️You are looking for a clear way to get collaborations with brands

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