logo mamma toscana

Study concept logo for the food brand "Mamma Toscana", made in 2019, commissioned work. Line art illustration in engraving style. The goal is to recall the brands of the past and the informal contexts of genuine meals remedied in the street shops.

The times when street food was more honestly called "the sandwich at the grocery store down in the street". Grocery stores, emporiums, "pizzicherie", butchers. All those places which anticipated large-scale distribution, outclassing it in terms of customer service, quality, sociability, loyalty.

The times when the shop signs were painted on the walls and recyclable and ecological packagings was entrusted to the famous yellow paper straw. If you think about it, the definitions of a zero kilometer product, typical, local, organic, recyclable, genuine, made with love, were features perhaps taken for granted, at least in the fortunate countryside of Tuscany. For the kids, the shop clerk replaced the Mom, for a guarantee of the tastiest, richest and most genuine snacks.

The brand was created to represent a complete range of products: dairy products, sausages, preserves, pickles and pickles, oils and wines. Produced by small and medium local companies but distributed globally.

Preliminary variant proposals up to the final definition. In the final tables the graphic definition of the stroke lines is made in 3 different densities, to be used in different contexts and media sizes.

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