Were it not for "Queen Gambit" and the redesign of these pieces, the topic of chess in advertising would be one of the most inflated. I have seen way too many of "winning moves" and "right strategies" in years of work in advertising. When they talked to me about chess during the briefing phase, I had my serious perplexities.

But I had recently seen the wonderful netflix serie and all we do is talk about the great fashion that the game of chess is recovering, thanks to the cinema (and the lockdown). In these visuals, made for a DIY brand campaign, we redesigned the pieces to create a new metaphorical and expressive link between DIY and strategy play.

On the other hand, bricolage is a pastime which has several similarities with chess: time, availability of the right pieces, space, passion, and even creativity. Furthermore, the theme of the campaign was centered on the inauguration of a new store: a new opening.

Below the gallery of images made with 3d cgi technique and freehand sketches. For the campaign, a series of TV commercials, newspapers ads, social contents were created.

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